Introductory Lesson

Approximate Lesson Length:

one hour

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Email: Mrs. Sorensen at

Course Designed by: Mrs. Sorensen

Upon completion of this lesson the student will be able to:

  • map reading and atlas skills

  • respect for similarities and differences among peoples
  • clarification of values in respect to other value systems given a set of unique data, classify the data
  • formulate acceptable analytical questions, formulate hypotheses
  • identify the frame of reference of the author of a unique piece of data
  • determine the validity of facts and inferences
  • given data contradictory to the hypotheses, indicate necessary changes in hypotheses.

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SEC 1 Assignment

SEC 2 Evaluation

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Welcome to our combined History/Geography option! 

I think you will enjoy the projects I have prepared for you, since they are mainly Internet based. 

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There is one short introductory lesson and two main projects we will be working for both Geography 30 and World History 30. If you choose to do both Geography and World History you will complete four main projects.

I will be in contact with you regularly to be sure you are finding information that is helpful, and that you are staying on task.  

World Geography 30 consists of completing any two projects for three credits.

World History 30 consists of completing any two projects for three credits.

Therefore, you can choose just two History or Geography projects for three credits, or, if you do all four projects, you will earn six credits!

In the interest of meeting these objectives, projects have been chosen which have themes of both interest and educational value. 

Some of the projects are quite structured, others allow for openness and creativity. 

The most important thing is that you meet the DEADLINES for each project...once you fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up.  

You will be expected to send in a plan for each project before beginning the actual work. 

Plans are worth 10% each.

For your first short assignment in this course I would like to know some general things about you.

Assignment 1 - Information

This is an easy start to our course.  There are three quick parts to the assignment, just to get you rolling. When I receive this lesson via email, I will provide feedback, including whether I feel you should be in this course based on your needs, skills, etc.

First, I want to know more about you.

1. Please answer the following questions:     

  • Name, age and grade

  • RVS email and alternate email (if applicable)
  • Phone number
  • Where you work on your online course? (Home/School)
  • If you work at school, what school do you attend?
  • Where you live in Alberta
  • Why you are with RVS

2. World Geography 30 and World History 30 are very self-directed, which means that you are expected to plan, organize and present the project with very little daily direction. Of course I will be available to help you any time you require guidance. Write a paragraph telling me what type of learner you feel you are, what challenges this type of learning may present for you, and how you could be most successful in a self-directed course such as this. I do NOT recommend this course for students who are not self-motivated and who require a lot of structure.

Second, please complete the following:

Look through the Resources in the course in Moodle and tell me what "helps" are available to you.

Tell me if you think you will present your completed work on computer or hard copy for the most part.

Third, construct a timetable for completion of activities:

Using the template I have provided (click on the Title below), make yourself a timetable for your course(s). Be sure to send this to me so I can see it, either by pasting it into the email, or saving it and attaching it to the email. Use this timetable to help you stay on track.

Timetable Template


Send in Your Assignment:

For your Introductory Lesson, simply email your answers, with the Subject line as yourlastnameIntro (i.e. SmithIntro).

I will give you feedback, and you can begin your plan for Project 1.

Have a great week! :)


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It is always good to know the direction you are heading!