1. Type of document (check one)

__newspaper ___map ___advertisement

__letter ___telegram ___congressional record

__patent ___Press Release ___census report

__memorandum ___report ___other _________

2. Unique Physical qualities of the document (check on of the following):

___interesting letterhead ___notations

___handwritten ___RECEIVED stamp

___typed ___other ____________


3. Date(s) of document:________________

4. Author (or creator) of the document:___________________

Position (title):__________________

5. For what audience was the document written?_____________________

6. Document information (there are many possible ways to answer A-E)

A. List three things the author said that you think are important:




B. Why do you think this document was written?

C. What evidence in this document helps you know why it was written? Quote from the document.

D. List two things the document tells you about life the in U.S. at the time it was written.

E. Write a question to the author that is left unanswered by the document.

P.S. Be sure NOT to plagiarize (copy) any information from your sources. If you use direct quotes, you must use quotation marks or italics and give the source after the quote in parentheses.

If using indirect quotes, give the source credit in your bibliography.