Project 2: Genealogy


Approximate Lesson Length: 15-20 hours

Subject Line for Email: YourlastnamePr2


Upon completion of this lesson the student will be able to:

  • develop research and compilation skills
  • make extensive use of the Internet, personal interviewing skills and organizational skills
  • map reading and mapping skills
  • formulating questions and determining the validity of facts and inference

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Our second project in this course is The Genealogy (unless you choose the alternate Project).

Probably the most important historical facts you can have concern yourself! 

Who are you and where do you come from? 


Genealogies help us answer these questions and more. 

For instance, where did your great, great grandfather live? 

How and why did your ancestors come to Canada?

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The genealogy assignment is designed to put together layers of family history.

The rough plan is your outline and structure, the family tree is your historical organized family structure- the links in and between generations.

The written history is your family tree in a written form expanding on who married who, moved where, had what children, what happened to them, etc. In this part you will be expanding on and hopefully going considerably further than the limited structure of the family tree.

The historical facts goes beyond what you include in the written history in relation to specific interesting events or circumstances that have happened to certain of your relatives. This one fought in the war and got the metal of honor for doing this, this one was a famous moose caller who won the awards for 10 years running, etc.

The maps, pictures, etc. are your added props to include any family pictures, heirlooms, travel indicators, settling indicators to make the before mentioned information more meaningful.

Altogether it creates the structure and content of your family history.

There are several things you need to know in order to complete an effective genealogy. 

The main things you need are:

a plan 


access to information       

time to investigate. 

Start by saving the Planning Template from the course home page. Click on the tab at the top that contains your course outline, introductory lesson and planning template. Then, read through the project directions, and complete your plan to submit BEFORE continuing on your project. USE THE CHECKLIST in the link below TO BE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED EVERYTHING. Print or save it, and tick assignments off as you complete them. Put the time you spent on each part for your time log later.


1. Let's start this project with an easy genealogy pre-test. Go to Quizzes on the course home page, and complete the quick, easy assignment there called Genealogy Pre-test. Include your score with your project.


2. The next web site I would like you to go to is:

Here you will find a huge amount of information about genealogies and how to complete them.

First section of project is: Family tree. First read the:


Start Here" 

and "Genealogy How To"

notes in the "Learning Center" for an overview of what you will be doing. 

Browse through some of the information by clicking on titles that interest you. 

You may want to bookmark this web site, as you will likely be returning to it often for reference. 

If you have ANY problems with your research, do not hesitate to seek help from the teacher.

Here is another possibility
3. Next, go to:

Here you will find a huge amount of information about genealogies and how to complete them.

Browse through some of the information.

4. Next, click on:

Look around the site, and if you wish, use the free family tree builder located there.


Once you have read the information, you are ready to begin! 

Your genealogy should contain as much information and go as far back as possible, but a word of caution: be sure that the people you are researching (if they are not deceased) give their consent to their names and information being put into your genealogy. 

If an individual has a particular problem with this, just leave that particular section blank, and type in PI for private information.

Your genealogy, as a finished product to be sent to me, will include:

Second section is: A written history (#2 and #3 can be completed as a Word document with graphics, or a slide show )

This part of the project will reveal interesting historical facts or events concerning your family. This can include ancestors, if you know anything about them, or even your immediate family. Again, be sure you have their consent to use this information.

For example, my husband's grandfather had a ticket on the Titanic, but missed the boat! True story! and her great grandfather fought in WWII and was wounded on the beaches of Normandy.

Third section is: Interesting, unfortunate, or happy events that would have impacted your family. (World Wars, Famines, etc. You will likely have to do some research on the country or countries your ancestors left to come to Canada).

For example, when my great grandparents came to Western Canada from Europe, 82% of immigrants were from England, and there was so little farmland left in Britain that my great grandfather had to leave in order to own land.

Fourth section is: Pictures/maps or charts that pertain to important events in your family's history.

For example, a chart depicting the immigration statistics in 1911. OR, a map of Greece to depict your ancestors' homeland.

You may want to bookmark the web site above, as you will likely be returning to it often for reference. 

If you have ANY problems with your research, do not hesitate to seek help from me.

Marks will be given for depth of research (how far down did you dig?), presentation, organization and content. 

Partially completed assignments will receive partial marks, so be thorough!

Have fun with this genealogy, and I hope you discover someone interesting, colorful or famous in your family tree (besides you!). 


Many students don't realize how far back their roots go! 

Others need to do some real digging to find out their heritage. 

It is always interesting to discover where you come from, and why you are as you are!

This assignment is mostly research and writing via the computer, but you may choose in your final presentation to supplement this with graphics, charts, posters, video clips, etc. which would include materials other that just computer work.

This is optional and I should be appraised of your presentation strategies so I may be able to assist you with material suggestions or other.


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This assignment is marked out of 100%.



  Your rough plan (or outline) must be sent to me in first (worth up to 10 marks).

You should spend 15-20 hours on this project, so be sure to give yourself enough time to do a thorough job.

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Send in Your Assignment:

Post your project in the drop box in Moodle, email to me as an attachment, or scan to email, or drop it off at the office if you did things in hard copy.

Please label the subject header that you attach to your document or picture as follows:

          Your last name + Pr.2Genealogy

  It is very important that you take the time and effort to complete this aspect of the assignment EXTREMELY CAREFULLY :)   Thank you!

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It is an interesting and amazing exercise to trace back your roots!