Project 2 - Important People and Events

 Important People and Events

Approximate Lesson Length: 15-20 hours

Subject Line for Email: YourlastnamePr2Events


Upon completion of this lesson the student will be able to:

  • develop research and compilation skills
  • make extensive use of the Internet, personal interviewing skills and organizational skills
  • map reading and mapping skills
  • formulating questions and determining the validity of facts and inference
  • explore important historical events and relate to how they affect society and future generations

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Important people and Events

Throughout history, there have been people and events that greatly impacted the world, the people in it, and the future of all, whether for good or bad.

These people and events sometimes were positive influences, and sometimes were negative, but they were all newsworthy and significant. 

Here is your chance to research some of these events and analyze their impact.

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How many famous people do you recognize?? To start this project, go to the site below for a simple little quiz on Famous Personalities. Include your score in your project. Let me know if the link is broken:

The main events and people you may research are shown below (choose any three). You must, however, choose at least one person or event prior to 1990. The other two can be more current...your choice. If you have an event or person you would like to research, please email me and I will let you know if you can make it one of your choices.

Start by saving the Planning Template from the course home page. Click on the tab at the top that contains your course outline, introductory lesson and planning template. Then, read through the project directions, and complete your plan to submit BEFORE continuing on your project. USE THE CHECKLIST in the link below TO BE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED EVERYTHING. Print or save it, and tick assignments off as you complete them. Put the time you spent on each part for your time log later.



1. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 (Lenin, Stalin)

2. The Chinese Revolution in 1949 (Mao Tse Tung)

3. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 1963

4. Beatlemania, 1964


5. The Vietnam War Years, 1965-1975

6. The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 1968
7. Bill Gates, the inventor of Microsoft, 1975
8. The life and death of Elvis Presley (1977)
9. The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial, 1995
10. The life and Death of Tupac (1996)
11. The Death of Princess Diana, 1997
12. George W. Bush, 9-11 and the War on Terror, 2001
13. The election of Barrack Obama in the U.S., 2008
14. The death of Michael Jackson 2009
15. The reign and death of Saddam Hussein 2010

Once you choose your three events, you will use the following format:

1. Clearly indicate which events you have chosen. 

Extensively research the events, and one at a time, record ALL web sites used. 

Take point-form notes on the most important information found in each site and submit with your project. 

I would expect a minimum of 5-8 sites explored for each event, even though not all will be extremely useful.

2. Using the point-form notes and any other information you have found through other sources (be sure to document), answer the following in one of the two following formats for each event you have chosen. You can complete the essay/report or the interview in Word or as a slide show. If you choose the slide show, you must not use extra large text, or graphics, but put enough information on each slide to fully answer the questions.

Essay/report style (using graphics, text, maps, etc. to answer the main questions below)

*What were the major causes of this event? Be sure to provide both the underlying causes and the immediate cause(s)

*Who were the major players, or characters involved in this event? Who could be considered the protagonist(s)? Antagonist(s)? (you may have to look these terms up)

*How did this event unfold before, during and after?

*What were the major immediate repercussions of this event? 

What have been the long term effects for the individuals involved and/or society?

*Give me your analysis of the event...was it overall a positive or negative influence on our society today? Do you feel this event should be considered a major historical event?Why or why not?

Interview could pretend to interview one or more of the major
players/participants in the event, either real or fictional, using the same questions as above, or adding some of your own.


3. Find appropriate graphics and maps to accompany EACH of your events, and imbed them in your text with applicable explanations about them.

5. Include your time log (how long you spent on each part of the project) and a bibliography.

P.S. Be sure NOT to plagiarize (copy) any information from your sources. 

If you use direct quotes, you must use quotation marks or italics and give the source after the quote in parentheses.

If using indirect quotes, give the source credit in your bibliography.


It is important to research, study and analyze major events of history for several reasons: to determine their impact on society, to predict their impact on the future, and often to learn from the mistakes made in order not to repeat them.




This assignment is marked out of 100%.


  You should spend 15-20 hours, so be sure to give yourself enough time to do a thorough job.

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Send in Your Assignment:

Post your project in the drop box in Moodle, email to me as an attachment, or scan to email, or drop it off at the office if you did things in hard copy.

  Please label the subject header that you attach to your document or picture as follows:

          Your last name + Pr.2Events

  It is very important that you take the time and effort to complete this aspect of the assignment EXTREMELY CAREFULLY :)   Thank you!

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There are amazing people and events who have helped shape our world, whether for the better or worse.